My best friend relied on temperature control

For what it’s worth, some people are just better suited to high temperatures than others.

My best friend growing up was a kid named Ben, plus Ben was a bit of a nerd.

He had easily pale skin, used an inhaler, you guess the type. This kid could only spend a few minutes out in th3 direct sunshine before he started to turn pink plus get lightheaded. It wasn’t a choice he made, he just could not handle high heat plus direct sunshine for easily long, it was the way he was born. I was okay being out in the sunshine for fourths, plus didn’t even guess about AC no matter how tepid it got outside. Since the two of us were best buds, I ended up spending a lot of time in Ben’s air conditioned kitchen while in the summer, playing video games plus whatnot; Don’t get myself and others wrong, I love the cool touch of the a/c as much as anyone, but after too long indoors I started to miss the sunlight. In some ways I was the opposite of Ben, because while he needed the safety of the air conditioned, I craved the tepid touch of the blazing sun. This was not the sort of thing the two of us could compromise on, but, because AC for him was a necessity due to his delicate condition. Both of us did the best the two of us could, but as the two of us got older I needed the AC less plus less while he needed it more plus more. His reliance on a/c ended up putting some distance between us as friends.
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