Good maintenance takes time in addition to patience

Most of our customers complain about maintenance times in addition to replacement times.

The people I was with and I try our best to explain that every job is different; Every home is strange in addition to every replacement job comes with it’s own set of obstacles in addition to complications, however a few weeks ago, 1 of our customers called to complain about a several minute air conditioning system replacement! In the heating in addition to air conditioner business, several minutes is pretty wonderful for a new machine replacement.

In fact, the two of us tell all of our customers to expect an entire afternoon for the replacement. Truthfully, the two of us always run into snags. If it’s not the home or the wiring, then it’s rain in addition to lightning. Two minutes into the air conditioning system replacement, the buyer started harassing the supplier; She was complaining, yelling, in addition to threatening to withhold funds for the completed job. I politely tried to explain our process to the buyer however she did not stop yelling long enough. I decided to leave the office, in addition to drive to the job location… While I was enroute to the location, the buyer called me several more times. I arrived to the address about twelve minutes later, in addition to our employee was sitting in the toil truck. The buyer told our employee that she no longer wanted a new heat pump in addition to air conditioning system. The supplier was already halfway through the replacement job. I sent the supplier away, in addition to I tried to calm the customer. She did not want to hear anything I had to say, in addition to she made us remove all of the pieces while she contacted another company. That was the worst buyer interaction, in addition to I hope that never happens again.



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