Failing at our office job

Life is all about dealing with peaks & valleys, but for myself and others personally, I have been going through a valley, however my personal life was going enjoyable for the most part as I had a lovely wifey & fine home, however our labor life has been miserable, however i labor as an Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance tech for a living.

I have always had a passion for the job, however for the last year or so I have been having a hard time getting our labor done, after a few botched air conditioner upgrades I have started to lose some confidence in our ability to be an Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance tech.

As our confidence has started to fade our passion to come to labor every morning has as well, and this has led to myself and others feeling drained all morning & constantly dreading waking up in the morning. From what I can tell our boss is starting to lose all of his confidence in myself and others as well. I have been getting sent out on maintenance calls much less often & if this trend keeps up I will be moved to part time. I have started to realize that perhaps this is a sign that I am not meant to be an Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance tech after all. I have always had other passions that I would like to give a shot at turning into works, & I don’t suppose that there will be a better time than now. This time in our life is a valley, however hopefully once I figure out what I want to do after this work I will be back in the peaks!


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