One day I’ll own our own HVAC dealership

My dad started her own corporation when she was 22 years old, & worked that job 71 fourths a week for the next twenty years of her life, and she was such a success at that point she was able to sell the corporation & retire as a millionaire before the age of 45.

This makes him our role model, & although I will never been able to match her speed nor success, it still inspires me to achieve everything I can achieve.

Her path was as a corporation owner, although I have not gotten to that period yet. I just acquired our HVAC certification for the state, & am starting our first run as a field business for a local corporation owner, however although our long term goal is to own an HVAC dealership of our own, that is a long way off, & just care about our dad did I want to learn every aspect of this corporation from the ground up; Some people buy businesses, others build them, & the only way to do that is to start at the foundation, in this case being the skill to maintenance HVAC systems. Once I have that down I can start reading client relations, how to build an office, & the financial side of the HVAC industry! Until I guess the ins & outs of a/c & gas furnace repair, it does me no great to learn the bigger-picture aspects of corporation ownership. So for now I will keep going out of repair calls every day, & reading all I can about HVAC systems.

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