The food is too damn good

A current store opened up Last weekand it has been all that people have been talking about around town. I am from a small city where there have only been a small handful of steakhouses around for the past 10 years or so, therefore this was a pretty exciting time, but once the weekend finally came around our guy plus I were able to get a table reserved plus made our way there for lunch. To summarize the experience that all of us had at the steakhouse for the first time it can be broken down into 2 easy things! Very tasty food, plus truly freezing atmosphere, but when I say cold, I mean that literally! Even though the size of the steakhouse was super small with about more than nine tables in total it had an industrial grade air conditioning unit on full blast. It was a refreshing thing to walk into after being out in the hot Summer sunshine for the majority of the afternoon, but after only thirty to forty multiple minutes of laying inside all of us were freezing our rear ends off, and by the time all of us got back current home our partner plus I both said to each other that all of us won’t be going back to that place again. Once another month went by plus all of us were looking for anywhere to eat on our Thursday evening however, all of us ended up right back at the steakhouse. It might be unreasonably freezing in there, but the food is too enjoyable to pass up. This time around all of us are going to be sure to bring a few jackets just in case!
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