Singing to the air conditioning system

When our air conditioning system quit working, it first started to make some really unusual noises.

It had a type of rhythm as well as beat to it.

I was really enjoying the sound that it was making, even if I did believe that there was possibly a really awful problem with the AC unit. I had already called the HVAC dealer, so instead of worrying about the air conditioning system, I started having fun with it. My child as well as I were dancing around the lake house as well as making up songs that would go with the beat it was playing at the moment. She stuck with rap as well as I was sticking with country, as well as eventually the people I was with and I had the entire lake house cleaned. I will admit, that at times the sound was aggravating, but it helped to make a tedious chore, fun to finish. I will also admit that when the HVAC supplier finally arrived to repair the air conditioning system, the people I was with and I were ready. I didn’t believe my child was recording our ‘impromptu session’ the entire time the people I was with and I were cleaning. She told myself and others she just wanted to keep some of the songs the people I was with and I had been singing. It wasn’t until I heard her playing them back for her friends, that I knew they weren’t just for her. I too had to laugh when I realized she had showcased the ‘music’ of the air conditioning system when she recorded the music. She said the AC unit had a better beat as well as tone than either one of us, as well as she was right. She asked myself and others if I thought the gas furnace would be chopping down any time soon, so she could add its music to this recording.


a/c professional