Working my way up to air conditioner

I paid my dues, & spent years working the fields love all the people else, then out here, this deep into the large nowhere, all of us don’t have a lot of large farming equipment, all of us just have cheap, expendable human labor, then both of us labor hard, from daybreak to dusk, & all of us do it almost every day, then i was out there, just love those dopes, for longer than all the people could handle, so I guess I earned my promotion, which moved me up to director status. I’m still out in the fields, even though I am in a truck, talking to the place bosses with a walkie talkie & keeping all the people productive. I rest there in my air conditioned truck, watching people sweat out in the sizzling sun, & I don’t assume even a little bit terrible about it. I remember being out there, love them, because it was just a few months ago, watching a man in an air conditioned truck watching me work. I wished so hard to switch sites with him, & now here I am, the one in the AC watching some other poor schmuck who is making the same wish I did, then maybe the cycle would continue, & after I got moved to the office that mope would inherit my truck, with its admittedly amazing a/c, but this company is cheap, & possibly even evil, however being in management has its perks, this AC being the best perk yet. I kept driving, from labor place to labor site, checking progress, & I kept the truck’s a/c set on max the whole day.