Looking for some good refurbished office equipment

Commercial office equipment is very expensive.

New machines can cost thousands of dollars, and every office needs to have a few important machines.

Every commercial office space must have a nice inkjet printer and copy machine. Every large office should also have a die-cut machine and laminator. I am the office manager for a large accounting firm. We have almost a hundred fifty people working in our office at any time. We have several different copy machines on each floor, because someone is always printing papers. A few months ago, I started looking around for a used copier for the sixth floor. The sixth floor has 25 full-time employees, and there are three copiers located on that floor. When one of the copiers went down, we tried to fix it. I spent half a week trying to troubleshoot and repair the problem. The copier is 12 years old, and it’s finally beyond repair. I’m ready to throw it out and buy a new one, but I haven’t found anything yet. I’ve been looking for a commercial printer and copier for the past few weeks, and everything is too old or too expensive. The prices are higher than ever, and our office has to justify every dollar and cent. There is an office supply auction a few hours from here, but they don’t list the available machines. They usually have tons of different machines but it’s a shot in the dark to drive all the way there. I could come home empty-handed, or I could come home with a very cheap copier and commercial printer for the office. Since I haven’t found anything reasonably priced yet, I’m really considering traveling over to the auction.