Fitness training for the bride and groom

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my fiance and she told me that she and her bridal party were going to be taking fitness classes twice a week until the wedding.

  • They were taking their dresses along so they could show the places where they needed the most work to improve how the dresses fit.

I thought the dresses already looked amazing, but apparently they thought they needed more fitness. My friends and I were getting a big chuckle out of this and my best man, and brother, decided that we should also start taking some fitness classes so we could look better in our tuxes. I thought it seemed like a challenge to see if we could outshine the bridal party, so I went along with the weird plan and decided to give it a try. We even took our tuxes so the physical trainers could see where our paunches were and our personal trainer would know what to work on. Within three weeks, not only did I see a big difference in my fiance, but she was seeing a big difference in me. I couldn’t believe what a fantastic job the personal trainers were doing with all of us. We decided to challenge everyone to make enough difference that we could have a dance off at the wedding. Our challenge made it fun and pushed us all to get the most from what our personal trainers were teaching us. By the time the wedding came around, the challenge was forgotten and we all just had a great time while looking amazing.


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