Why park when you can flashpark?

It seems like the days of going to stores and purchasing most anything, is long gone.

You no longer need to go to the mall and search relentlessly for a parking lot, while the rain is falling down on your head.

You no longer need to keep going up and up the ramp, hoping to find a parking space big enough for your truck. Most companies that depended on the parking lot to bring in the customers, are now moving on to flashparking. Flashparking has nothing to do with where to put your car. With flashparking, the company is now parking all of their data and information on servers that are located in cloud-based technology. . Revenue and access technology is quickly becoming obsolete. Cost-effective and efficient cloud-based technology is now taking over the industry. Being a business owner, if I had to go into the computer room, it was on a no-touch agreement with my computer techs. Now, I have taken all of the burden of the IT infrastructure management operator and facility. The responsibility has been shifted to a secured, 24 hour area where you can access everything, at any time and by just using my web browser. Cloud-based building management has now taken over many businesses. If I hadn’t moved forward into the 21st Century, my business would have gone the way of Blockbuster. I no longer need the upkeep of a store front, for people to find my company and keep it running, because of cloud-based business services. Cloud-based services have taken my business to an all new level.

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