What happens when a flood strikes?

When we had a flood hit our area, it seemed that everyone went into panic mode.

I couldn’t understand this because it wasn’t like our community had never been flooded before.

Since our town was built on the site of an American Indian campsite, we were close to the river. Every year the river would rise when the winter snows and ice melted. The closer your home was to the river, the more water you got. Unless you lived on the mountain, there was little chance of escaping some kind of water getting into your home. With rapidly growing populations and new developments constantly being built upriver, there was now a new concern about flooding. Communities were putting in flood walls to keep the water from taking out homes. This was forcing the river to spread their waters further into our community. We had several big floods that took our many homes and bridges. The few homes that hadn’t been taken down river, had to be professionally cleaned to get rid of any residue from the muddy river and to make sure there was no mold or other nasties in the house. People were worried about fungal infections and even cholera. The state hired a commercial cleaning company to bring in a large crew of carpet cleaner, tile cleaner and mold removal specialist. It took nearly a year for some of the people to get back into their homes and know they were safe. When the commercial cleaning services company took their crew and left, those who chose to move back in, found their homes looking like new.

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