There isn’t a thermostat in our hotel room

About a year ago, we had a new resort hotel open up in our local area. A few people won a weekend stay to the new resort, with all expenses paid. I was one of the lucky few winners. I was able to take my husband and four other people along with me. My daughter, her husband and their two daughters went along. The first thing I noticed that seemed odd, was that there weren’t any thermostats in our suite. There were three master bedrooms with private baths, and a smaller bedroom that shared a bath. Naturally, my seventeen year old granddaughter chose the third master bedroom and told her twelve year old sister that she had to sleep in the tiny room. Her mother soon set her straight with this one, but Shari decided to sleep in the small room, anyway. No matter where you went in the hotel room, the temperature was perfect. Before we even arrived at the hotel, we all filled out our personal preference in HVAC, television and even our favorite foods. It seemed odd, but I told everyone the hotel was paying for our four day weekend. The entire resort was run by the use of building automation. With the use of a control board attached to a computer, the building automation services was able to give every guest perfect HVAC. I loved that when the sun came shining in through the windows, the shades would lower to keep the direct sunlight from heating the room. I love the new building automation because I don’t need to get burning eyes while trying to see where the pull is for the shades.


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