Lawyer is helpful with patent case

I don’t understand a lot about the law, and I think that’s common with most people who aren’t an attorney.

I recently had a huge problem, and I had to hire a lawyer to get justice.

My best friend and I created an invention together. The invention is a new type of insole for sneakers, shoes, and even high heels. The insole also has a breathable layer of antimicrobial and anti-perspirant material. Jack and I knew each other for ten years, before we created this insole together, and I trusted him completely. We disagreed about distribution and sales, and my best friend took our idea somewhere else. When he decided to take our idea to a different company, I didn’t receive any money or credit. I felt angry and robbed, and I consulted with an attorney. I had to find an attorney that specialized in this type of law. Luckily, my family and I live in a very large city and there are dozens of attorneys available. I found a local corporate law attorney to help with the case. It was costly, but the fees were recovered during the settlement. The corporate attorney took several years to get justice and a proper settlement, but I won my case. The company had to pay me a lump settlement, and they also have to pay me royalties on every unit sold. Part of my settlement was back royalties from the very beginning, which totaled 1.2 million dollars. I am still upset about the loss of my best friend, and some days I miss fishing, hiking, and camping with the guy.


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