Custom furniture shop is able to accommodate Hummel collection

I inherited an extensive Hummel collection from my great-grandmother.

These figurines are extremely rare and valuable.

I worry about them getting broken or damaged from sunlight or moisture. For a long time, I kept them sealed in an airtight container. While this kept the collection in pristine condition, I was unable to see or enjoy the figurines. I finally started searching for a display case. I checked all of the furniture stores in my local area but found nothing suitable. They were the wrong size, not overly attractive and built of inferior materials. Most of them were constructed of pressboard with wood veneer. I didn’t trust these display cases to sufficiently protect my great-grandmother’s collection. I then searched online and eventually came across a custom furniture shop. On their website, they offered to fulfill custom orders. I contacted them and explained what I was looking for. The very next day, a craftsman from the custom furniture shop got back to me. He had a long list of questions, which helped him create a detailed design. Along with dimensions, I needed to provide the width and number of shelves, type of wood, and all sorts of things. The process was very involved and the service was rather expensive but well worth it. The display case is absolutely perfect. It’s very heavy duty and will definitely hold up for years and years. Someday, when my daughter inherits the Hummel collection, it will still be in good condition, and she’ll also inherit the display case from the custom furniture maker.


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