Can’t rely on word of mouth anymore

I have never seen so much business before

Back in the day word of mouth was the name of the game. You had to be good at what you did and rely on happy customers to sell your business. Then you were able to put your business in a newspaper ad. Now everything is all online marketing. Since I am a HVAC company owner, I don’t know anything computer related. My skills are in the heating and cooling field. I had the money to hire an SEO business to handle all my digital marketing needs. They started off making my HVAC company a website. We have a page for every service we offer with our phone number clear at the top. That is about the only thing I can explain what they do. I know the SEO team does something that makes my HVAC website rank better on google. They don’t do google ads or anything like that. They target words that people use when they look for HVAC repair in my area. Then once a person types in those words, my HVAC company comes up and they will click on my site. Then I have a new customer. I don’t know the fancy computer process and I don’t care. All I know is that I just rely on the SEO guys to keep my business afloat. The online marketing strategies they are using are working great. I have never seen so much business before. It is really amazing. It is way less work for me and a more reliable solution to getting my company name out there.

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