Buddy is going to lose his personal training franchise

My buddy Mark is not the brightest bulb.

  • The guy is constantly investing in things that cost him more money in the end.

My buddy recently got his hands on this personal training franchise. In order to maintain the name of the franchise you have to meet certain criteria. My friend spent all the time, effort and money in order to get his gym. He spent a fortune on the building and all the equipment. He just needed to go one more step. My buddy needs to go to training courses. He needs to know what fitness courses the franchise offers. He also needs to hire certified fitness experts for his gym. As of right now, my buddy has not gone to any of the courses. He does not know what classes he is supposed to offer in his gym. He also has local college athletes working at the gym, not personal trainers. A random guy off the street is not qualified as a personal trainer. They actually get schooling, take courses and have more than personal knowledge on the subject. My friend is going to get his personal training franchise taken away from him. He also is going to upset a lot of people in the process. He has called other franchise owners and tried to get them to give him some of their personal trainers. It is not like lending a pencil. What gym is going to let Mark have their workers? That is totally ridiculous. The personal training franchise could have been a great thing. Instead it will fold up in a year.

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