Bathroom has mold in it for sure

The bathroom might have mold in it.

I should have gotten onto the issue right away instead of prolonged it.

I knew that moisture was an issue in my house. The shower lets off a lot of steam that forms into condensation. It went into the air vent and the AC blowing out made it worse. The air vent always dripped water and looked super rusty. After awhile it looked almost green like. Now that time has passed, I have realized that mold has formed along the air vent. I think there might even be mildew, mold and fungi deep in the air ducts. What do I do about this? I am hoping this is something that I can fix myself. I can’t leave it though. Without a good air vent to pull out moisture after showers as well as baths, the steam will continue to condense in the corners as well as behind the wallpaper in the bathroom. I could have fixed the air vents earlier, installed an exhaust fan, or even just bought a dehumidifier for the room as well as that would have fixed the complication right away. Letting it go too long has caused mildew as well as maybe even mold to develop. It may be well past being a Heating as well as A/C or ventilation issue. I have a person coming in to look over the home damage. If it is okay, then I will call for ductwork cleaning by a HVAC business.

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