With lots of pets an air purifier is necessary to keep home and air conditioner clean

I have an airedale, four cats, a rabbit and a parakeet all living in my very small house. I never set out to have so many pets. Most of the animals were rescued and brought home from the shelter where I volunteer. I simply couldn’t resist them. While I love all of my pets, they are quite a bit of work. I need to do a lot of vacuuming and scrubbing to keep a clean home. I have issues with an excess of dander and unpleasant smells. I recently noticed that my air conditioner wasn’t operating properly. It wasn’t putting out a sufficient amount of cool air, which forced it to run for much longer cycles. My home felt overheated and sticky, and yet I was paying quite a bit more than usual for my electric bills. Plus, there was a great deal of contaminants floating in the air. No matter how much I cleaned, disinfected or sprayed room deodorizer, the indoor air smelled like a pet store. I finally hired a local HVAC contractor for air conditioner repair. When the technician took the air conditioner apart, he found a significant buildup of fur and debris. This accumulation was blocking airflow and affecting the efficiency and capacity of the cooling system. The HVAC technician completed a thorough cleaning of the inner workings and recommended that I replace the air filter more frequently. He also suggested that I invest in a whole-home air purifier. The air purifier installed right into the air handler and operates silently. It cleans the air approximately eight times every hour, trapping contaminants and killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. It catches particles smaller than a human hair or grain of salt. It also filters out fumes, smoke and odors. The air purifier keeps my home cleaner, healthier and smelling better. It also protects the operation of the cooling system by preventing pollutants from building up on the components.


HVAC serviceman