What a warm, wonderful day

Having grown up in the north end of the country all of our life I had heard some pretty crazy stories about what exactly it was like to live in the south over the years.

I would hear crazy things ranging from how nobody there wears anything besides swimming trunks and bare feet as well as tank tops, to stories of how it gets so moderate during the middle of Summer that you can grill a steak on the sidewalk, once I was finally aged enough to finally travel I decided to head down south as well as take a good hard look at it myself; To our surprise, what I thought would be a tepid as well as humid and miserable first morning turned out to be awesome.

My friends as well as I played a pickup game of basketball for a few hours, as well as then when the two of us got a bit too overheated the two of us headed to the back porch where there were ice cold, chilly drinks as well as a state of the art air conditioning unit, however I noticed that air conditioning units like this a single are never around where I am from. I figure it’s because it is so chilly all year, so it was an appealing experience to be able to readily cool off as well as recognize so refreshed sitting in the a/c after acutely being so hot. It was also such a nice feeling to not have to worry about constantly lugging around a large Winter time coat as well as mittens with myself and others for a single of the first times ever. If I have a source of high quality air conditioning on hand I just might give residing down here a shot.

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