The HVAC community online

I belong to this pretty awesome online community for all different discussions on HVAC technology, HVAC products and general things about the heating and air conditioning industry.

  • I am a former heating and air conditioning specialist who is now retired, so being a part of this community is something I like doing.

I always still want to be on top of the latest and greatest in all things HVAC related. When I have some kind of a heating or air conditioning system break down in my home, I never would want to have to waste money and call a current certified heating and air conditioning specialist. This would be a totally pointless thing, when I could just fix it myself the same as they would! Of course, all the people at this HVAC discussion online community are either current HVAC workers, past and retired HVAC workers like me, or up and coming HVAC workers who are either in college going for their official HVAC certification or just graduated and are on their first jobs as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. The young ones will ask for advice on certain types of heating and cooling repair troubles, and us old and over the hill guys will give them the best advice we possibly can on their current situations with HVAC repair. This is also another reason why keeping up on the latest in HVAC technology is important. So I can help others in this wonderful online community! I have never met any of these people, but I have become online pals with a few of them.


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