I was wrong about the south

Having grown up in the north all of my life I had regularly heard some pretty deranged stories about what it was like living in the south over the years.

I would hear deranged things from how everything there wears bikinis all year round, to stories of how it gets so hot while I was in the Summer that you can crack an egg or grill a steak on the sidewalk, once I was old enough to travel, I finally decided to head down south plus take a look at it myself; To my surprise, in reality what I thought would be a boiling plus irritated first afternoon easily turned out to be awesome.

My friends plus I played a pickup game of basketball for a few fun hours, plus then when both of us got too overheated both of us headed right on to the back porch where there were cold drinks plus a state of the art a/c unit running! Air conditioning units enjoy this a single are never around where I am from usually, because it is so cold all year, so it was an interesting experience to be able to cool off so quickly plus guess so refreshed sitting in the cooling system after being so ridiculously hot. It was also such a nice feeling to not have to worry about packing up and lugging around a huge Winter coat plus mittens with myself and others. All I needed was sunscreen plus some glasses plus I was all set! I could live in this heat.

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