Climate changes with elevation

One thing I just learned recently, was that the air quality, the temperature and the general climate all changes with the elevation of the earth.

What I mean by this, is depending on where you are located will decide if it is going to be hotter, cooler, or if the air quality will be better or worse.

I happen to live in a high elevation, which causes some issues with the air quality and warmer temperatures. This is the reason why I invested in both a whole home air purification system, and one of the best possible air conditioning units around. I actually have a ductless mini split air conditioning system. It helps on saving energy while running my whole home air purification system. If had been running both my central air conditioning and whole home air purification system at the same time throughout the very hot Summer months, sure it would be really great air conditioning along with cleaning the indoor air. But, it would make my energy bill sky rocket! Having the ductless mini split air conditioning system running on its own, and just the whole home air purification solo creates great air quality. Some say doing it this way actually cleans the air even better. This is what I read on some website that was talking about air purifiers, air conditioning and giving general HVAC energy savings tips. The fact that the elevation of the earth is the reason of why it’s so hot with unusually hot and not so great air quality was great to know.