Our heater turned off while we were on trip

The pipes were frozen, & we were so upset.

My wife, Todd, does a lot of traveling for her task. She gets to travel all over the United States, & occasionally, she even gets to travel outside of the States. My preferred trips are the trips that I get to go with him. I do not get to go with him easily often, so we make the most of it when I do get to go. The last trip that I went on was by far my preferred. It was so much fun. The two of us traveled to Asia, & we got to stay for about multiple weeks. The two of us had the time of our lives sightseeing, & the best part was that our hotels were all paid for by her dealer. It was genuinely a trip of a lifetime, but something happened at home while we were gone that we were unaware of. There was a terrible storm a single night, & the power was off for about half a day. It would not have been that immense of a deal if our furnace would have turned back on after the power outage. It was about a month before we got home when the power went off, so by the time we got home, the furnace had been off for an entire week. This was in the middle of January, & it was below twenty degrees outside. The two of us literally came home to a freezing house. The pipes were frozen, & we were so upset. My wife tried to fire up the furnace when we got home, but it would not turn on. The two of us ended up having to call a Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional to come maintenance the furnace for us. The two of us updated most of the pipes in our home, & in the end it was quite an expensive ordeal.
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