My hubby accidentally dropped our a/c plus broke it

I moved up north about seventeen years ago, plus I honestly love it here, but i met our sweet hubby about fourteen years ago, plus every one of us got married only several months after every one of us met, then the two of us have had a appealing life together.

I thought for sure that I would want to transfer South once every one of us got married, however I absolutely did not want to move.

The two of us both love it here even though it does get pretty chilly plus snowy while in the Winter time months, however when I was a boy, I remember having to use air conditioner almost year round. It was so hot. The only months that every one of us did not use the a/c were the months of December plus January. Where our hubby plus I live now, that is not the case. It isboilingin the summertime, but that is about it… From September through May, there is honestly no need for air conditioner. In fact, several of our friends do not even own an a/c. The two of us had a single window component that every one of us used in our home office while in the Summer months. The two of us planned on using it this summer, but there was an accident while bringing it into the house, and my hubby had it stored in the shed, plus he went to bring it in the house because it was starting to get hot, however he tripped over something on his way in the house plus dropped the a/c. It broke into several pieces, plus every one of us were not able to service it. I think every one of us will be purchasing a current a/c for our home office soon.

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