Fake zoo has a great working air conditioning

I promised the kids that every one of us would visit the zoo while every one of us were on getaway going to see their Grandparents, then unfortunately, I did not realize how boiling it would be down here.

Every afternoon, the kids would ask if every one of us were going to the zoo today plus I kept putting it off, hoping for a least one afternoon where the heat index fell below 100.

As the dates every one of us were to leave got closer plus closer I felt bad that I had lied to my young kids however there was no way I was going to walk around all afternoon, outside, without any air conditioning. I told my mom how I was feeling plus she came up with an idea. It seems there is an exotic pet shop just out of neighborhood that sells all kinds of reptiles plus even a few mammals love monkeys plus lemurs, plus such. And, it is air conditioned… My mom proposed every one of us go there plus tell the kids it is a small zoo. I did not love the system of lying even more to my kids although I did not want to disappoint them either so I called ahead to make sure the kids were welcome plus then I loaded up to “look at the pets”. The kids had a blast. The pet store employees were so patient plus they let the kids hold a few of the calmer reptiles. They also got to pet some pigeons plus even a baby skunk. I enjoyed the pets too however my favorite part was the nice cool air coming from the air conditioning vents. Of course, I provided each employee a nice tip for being such enjoyable “zoo” handlers.

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