In awe that a/c is not working

I have our HVAC device diagnosed religiously every 6 weeks in November plus again in March! That is why I was so surprised when our a/c suddenly stopped working well in the middle of July.

The a/c did not go out completely, it just could not get our condo below 80 degrees even though it ran all of the time, however i was feeling a bit aggravated.

After all, why was I paying our HVAC supplier to come out twice a year if our HVAC system was still going to go down? When I called the supplier, however, I started to think a little bit better, then because I follow their repair plan recommendations, a contractor would come out plus assess our a/c at no charge, but even better, they said they would come out that undoubtedly same morning. Sure enough, the contractor arrived right on time plus got right down to work. I was sad that it might be an fancy repair however that turned out not to be the case at all. I laugh about it now however was a little frustrated when I first found out the issue: our child had been putting his dirty socks in the HVAC vent area. The vent was just covered in outdated dirty socks. That explains where all of his socks had been going. It also explains the strange smell I could not seem to get rid of in the house! Not even to mention, the a/c issues, then once the socks were removed I was ecstatic to find out that I still didn’t owe any money plus our a/c worked good again.

a/c set up