My grandfather and his intense need for nutritional counseling

My grandfather, or “Pa” as we call him, recently got pretty sick and was hospitalized for a week.

Shortly after, he lost a ton of weight way too fast! He has not been able to get back to where he used to be either, and he must have lost about thirty pounds! He’s also lost a ton of muscle as well, so I’m beginning to get anxious about him possibly not being able to bounce back.

The issue is that he won’t take the pills! Plus, the doctor gave him something to address it, and he isn’t using it. When he does eat, it is some combination of meat, potatoes & butter. He hardly eats any veggies or fruits! I found a body wellness center in our town that offers nutritional programs for people like my Pa, and one of them is called nutritional counseling! I suppose Pa needs to sit down and have a professional dietician talk healthy eating with him. Since he needs to look at that food pyramid they always have, the one with all different types and serving sizes of food, I think it will make him feel much better. I am hoping the wellness expert can provide a few healthy eating tips, just so my Pa can eat a banana or some lettuce once in a while! They body wellness center has certified fitness experts working there, so I suppose our Pa should take one of those classes and work on getting his old strength back!

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