My borderline obese son, and our new family training program

Not many people in my family are big, but the ones that are are very big.

Eating right, exercising & staying toned was usually the norm growing up for our partner & I, but we have a son that can’t seem to escape being on the heavy side.

My child has recently been getting picked on in school over his size too, and that just infuriates me! Still, I my partner, child & myself all are now pursuing a personal training class. Since our partner & I are older, we work with a unique trainer compared to our son. Our boy does a youth fitness class with other kids in his situation, and for two days each week he works with his trainer and the other kids. The other children are all from different schools around the city, though each have been bonding with each other! My child regularly wants to do the personal training class now, and has been wanting to go more often, too! The personal trainer that works with him is great, as the guy is particularly fun, very loud & always jokes around with the teenagers to keep them relaxed but focused. The class is absolutely blowing through their goals for weight loss as a group, and our child has already lost some weight – and gained some confidence! My partner & I want to keep up with him & lose weight too, and a whole family, we are hoping to lose over one-hundred pounds. The personal training center has been a huge help for us!