Custom built furniture suits my home office perfectly

I have a job that I am able to do totally from home. All my tasks can be completed online and I can set my own hours. I get paid by the task rather than by the hour. Every aspect of my home office needs to be efficient. When I first began the job I used an ancient desk, chair and outdated laptop. After I started making more money, I decided to upgrade my working situation. A buddy of mine mentioned custom built furniture. Apparently his wife used a custom builder for their kitchen and they are impressed by the difference. I saved up some money and spoke with an interior designer as well as a custom furniture shop to help me out. My office desk is the ideal size for the small office area I have. The height of it is just perfect for my legs. I also prefer to extend my legs out under the desk, as if I have a footstool. I had the custom furniture builder add a little shelf on the bottom of the desk where I can rest my feet. The desk also has a pull out shelf for my laptop to sit on. It can be tucked out of sight and takes ups no space. I asked to have holes drilled in the desk for the cords for my electronics to feed through. The chair I sit in is so comfortable. It is the perfect height and width for my body. It is supportive for my back but has no arm rests, since I hate them. I would not have believed that custom would make furniture such a difference. But, I can say now that I am so much more productive when working.


Transitional masterpiece