Country farmhouse style in the home we bought

When my husband, Andy and I bought our first home, we realized that everything was similar looking.

The walls were either light blue, cream or while.

All the furniture in the home had a comfortable but old-fashioned look as well. The couch was big, plaid and not all that attractive. The dining room table was plain with wooden benches. Andy and I bought the home and were told by an interior designer that the home is designed in a country farmhouse theme. That is why everything looks similar and all the colors are very simple. Andy and I had the option of purchasing the furniture with the home for a very good price, so we bought everything. We have since gone back and forth on whether we want to keep the style. Andy and I don’t really like the country farmhouse decor. However, we appreciate that all the furniture was custom built to suit the house. The couch is the perfect size and shape for the living room. The bed frame in the master bedroom accommodates the space. The end tables are a perfect fit on each side of it. Everything was created for the exact size of the area. Every yard of fabric was purchased specifically for the room. So while country farmhouse is not something Andy and I wanted or even liked, we have decided to keep most of the furniture. We will gradually change it to a more traditional style later on. But the custom furniture for the home is certainly worth more than what we could afford right now. We can upholster the couch in a new fabric, get new covers for the bed and decorate the end tables a little different.


Custom made furniture