Boyfriend spent a fortune on custom built furniture for his apartment

I try to trim expenses where I can.

I often clip coupons, roll up spare change and always check the clearance rack.

If I can purchase something for a cheaper price, I am on it. My boyfriend is my opposite. He believes it’s better to spend more for a higher quality product. Our bedrooms in our apartments definitely reflect how different he and I are. I bought sheets on clearance from a large department store. I was left with the on sale color choice so I ended up with bright green. My furniture in my kitchen was ordered online and I had to assemble it myself. It looks sort of cheap, but it does the job. It’s definitely not comfortable. My boyfriend doesn’t like to stay over at my place because of the look and quality of my furniture. I will admit, his kitchen and bedroom is way nicer. He spent a ton of money on all custom furniture and even hired an interior designer do help him. He even chose a style for his furniture and apartment. The sheets, bed frame, curtains and all the furniture is in the same style. His stuff is all in the same shade of colors. There’s cream colors, browns and soft fabrics. It does look really nice though. The sheets are high quality and so soft. I sleep really well in them. His mattress feels like a puffy cloud. The rug is especially soft under my bare feed. The end tables on either side of the bed are the perfect size. When I reach over for a drink of water, it’s so convenient. This is because the tables were custom built. My boyfriend spent a ton of money for that luxury. He’s happy with it. I enjoy it, but I would never spend all that money on custom built furniture.


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