You have the power to control your utility bills.

As I have gotten older, I know the pleasurable feeling that comes from knowing you have saved on your utility bills.

  • I didn’t always care about saving money.

I would throw it away like there wasn’t a tomorrow. I would set the thermostat to a setting that pleased me, regardless of whether I needed it there. Now that I am getting older, I am having a harder time keeping my cash in the bank. The summer here in my state can be hot and I need my air conditioning since I work from home. I have really high energy bills and I knew I had to find a way to save some money by lowering my utility bills. I finally learned that it was better to try doing something that would help to protect the heating and air conditioning system. The first thing I did was to buy solar film. Solar film easily fits over your windows and it help to deflect the heat of the sun when it is coming through the windows. I also bought a Smart Thermostat. I am so amazed at what the Smart Thermostat can do. It not just raises and lowers the temperature, but it has the ability to manage the HVAC system even better than what the owner can. The Smart Thermostat will adjust the temperature to compliment the temperature of the outside air. I use a fan on my desk to help aid the Ac, so I feel like I am definitely cool enough. I am sure there are also other ways to save money on utility bills.


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