We disagree on the correct indoor temperature

Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes, even though some people claim that you can’t call sleeping a pastime.

I literally have no energy in most afternoons, even that some people can wake up all day and go go go.

I barely have enough energy to make it past 5 p.m. The only time I I have some serious energy, is during the times when I am sleeping with the air conditioner set real low. Sleeping with the air conditioner set real low is something that I absolutely love to do, even though the people I was with an addition to myself really agree about the indoor temperatures. I think the best temperature inside of our home is going to be around 68 degrees, but the other people who live inside of my two bedroom condo would absolutely deny this to be the best temperature. They’d be much happier keeping the temperature around 71 or 72 degrees. I absolutely think this temperature is far too cold for sleeping at night, in addition to the fact that I would need more than one fan on me if this is the case. My wife in addition to myself had to come to some kind of agreement, so we could both sleep peacefully in addition to well. I have more than one cold air fan on my side of the bed, which also happens to be the same side as the two air vents in our bedroom. I get all of the cold air conditioning and the breeze from the fan, and my wife just snuggled in behind me to stay warm.


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