There is nothing more satisfying than getting rid of wasp nests

In high school I truly had no idea in the slightest what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I easily knew what I liked to do for fun, but no certain vocation sounded lovely. I definitely needed a task of some kind, a job, a way to make currency and fund my good times. I cycled through any number of tasks, some better than others, and I didn’t like any of them, but I rarely hated them, either. Then one day I took a task that I hastily came to love very much. Ever since that particular time, I have worked full time for a pest control extermination business. The people I was with and I only handle the strenuous tasks, invasive wasps, hornets and Africanized bees and the like, not pest control spraying in residences. If you come across a sizable yellow jacket colony in your yard, please don’t touch it, just call us and I will take care of it for you. Please don’t think of me as some kind of monster, because extermination is not the same thing as killing. This is a rather important service that protects people. There are some cases where we will actually work with bees, but most of the time we refer those tasks to a bee removal company in town. There most often is no reason to exterminate beehives, when they can just be moved somewhere else and be completely productive. Wasps are a major concern however. I sincerely believe that every wasp nest I wipe out makes the world a great deal safer. It took me a long while to find a job that I enjoyed to do, but I like extermination very much.


Yellow jacket removal