There is a new HVAC system on the horizon

As much as I hate to do it, our family will be chucking out the old HVAC unit and installing a new HVAC unit.

We are getting the whole thing, and I am excited.

It will be a heating, air conditioning and all the bells and whistles system. I know that sounds odd, but we are getting a new air conditioning unit and a new furnace. They will also include the air purification system and the humidifier for the furnace plus a dehumidifier for the AC. We have been waiting for over twenty years to get this new HVAC system. When we moved into the house, we weren’t really thrilled with the HVAC system that was already here, but it was fairly new, so we weren’t going to waste our money. The old HVAC served us well for all those years, but now it has come time to throw out the old and get new. We had the HVAC tech come in to our annual maintenance on the furnace, and he told us that it was time to retire it. A part of me was really sad to see it die, but the other part was rejoicing. I have to admit that I even felt a little guilty for feeling so excited to toss the old HVAC system out. I will be able to get rid of the window air conditioners and have central AC now. I think my entire family is ready to get out of the Stone Ages. I just wish it didn’t mean just tossing the old HVAC system into a landfill, that seems so wrong and wasteful.

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