Seasonal maintenance can save your HVAC

I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but I am always cancelling my HVAC maintenance for less important engagements.

I justify cancelling by telling myself that the HVAC system is less than ten years old. How could one skipped maintenance appointment do any harm to my heating or air conditioning? The night I had to call the HVAC company to work on my furnace, I was eating my own words. I had a definite rumble in the furnace when I went to bed, but I wasn’t alarmed. When I heard a clang and the heat quit coming from the air vents, I knew there was a problem. I hated needing to call the HVAC company because I was sure they would tell me they told me so, but I couldn’t go without heat, either. When the HVAC technician arrived, he was very cordial and he quickly got to work on my furnace. It took him about an hour and a trip to his van, before he had the furnace fixed. He told me the furnace was working now, and he handed me the bill. I was flabbergasted at the cost of the repair and that they had tacked on a hefty sum for after hours and emergency fees. When I began to question he told me that his boss told him that this would not have happened if I had my HVAC maintenance done in the fall, instead of cancelling. He told me that if I had rescheduled the appointment, they would have found this malfunction at that time, and my furnace would not have quit working in the middle of the night.

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