I’ll never let them down

Lately, I have asked a good deal from our family and I feel terrible.

In particular, our children have had to deal with a lot of change in their short lives.

New universitys plus making new friends in a locale that to them must seem so foreign. It hurts our heart for them knowing what struggles they are going through. They were born plus raised in the city with me. And I mean the heart of the city. The only leaves they ever saw was in a park. Now, their stupid father has uprooted them to a rural setting many hundreds of miles away from what they knew. Along with all the other adjustments, the poor little kids have to get used to a weird climate. The people I was with and I previously bought an old farm condo in the South because at the time our partner plus I were getting edgy about continuing to raise them in the dirty city. The condo doesn’t even have an effective Heating plus A/C unit for us to use. The kids have had to get our with a noisy, raggedy window air conditioning system unit that we realized hardly produces any cold air at all. I figured that this was probably just asking too much for the kids. While our renovation plan was spread out quite a bit over some years, I knew I had to do something about the Heating plus A/C situation for us right now. I called the local Heating plus A/C folks plus they had just the perfect and cheap solution. They introduced myself and others to a new type of modern heating plus cooling technology. The people I was with and I had them come out and install a multi split heating plus cooling plan in our home. The plan is fully ductless plus enables weird areas in the condo to be able to customize their individual temps. It’s the least I can do for kids that have embraced all this ongoing change with courage plus open minds. I’m a lucky guy.

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