I won’t be letting sunshine in

The sunlight is real tepid where I live.

Which makes sense to me, I guess considering our latitude plus all.

I sincerely guess I’m more thinking about the direct sunlight that can tend to pour in windows plus heat up the house. During the very long and warm season it gets to be a real problem plus forces our Heating plus A/C plan each day to work too hard. When I moved into our condo I didn’t wisely put up any window treatments. The property is very nice plus I care about constantly being able to look out on it. However, once I started getting those increasingly insulting energy bills I knew I had to do something about the issue direct sunlight heating. It has been a recognizably tepid warm season for us so far however I can’t afford to cool a condo that I’m not even using most of the time. The Heating plus A/C plan needs a chop plus I need some major energy bill savings. I ordered some of those brand new automatic shades to hang throughout the house. The automated shades will then be able to interface with our smart thermostat. So, these days all I have to do is just program the temp I want plus the thermostat plus I know the shades will do the rest. While I’m away at work, the smart thermostat I purchased will let the indoor temp rise to around 80 degrees. The lot of automatic shades will also shut all the way while in peak sunlight hours. That means, by the time I return from work, the smart thermostat will have easily begun to cool the condo to a comfortable level. The shades will be open in the house everywhere but where the condo is still receiving direct sun. I’m now excited to open our next utility bill. I expect some excellent savings.

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