I will not give up my HVAC

When I sit down and think about the money I was making when I first got of college, it almost makes me sick. I am not making much more now, than I was then, and I am twenty years older. It makes me sad to think that we are going backward in this country, instead of forward. I had a great apartment and a brand new car back then. I do own my own home now, but my car is a used ford that is just like every other car that was built ten years ago. My wife and I have done a lot of cutbacks on our budget, but it is still hard to make ends meet. She recently took a job that has her travelling over an hour to work, and another hour from work. I am working out of an office that I have in my home. I am the one who now decides where the thermostat will be set. I do most of the housework and most of the cooking. I think I deserve to have the thermostat set to where I am comfortable. I know where the thermostat should be set so that I can get optimal energy efficiency from my AC, but I am not going to sit in the heat and have my thermostat set at eighty degrees. I live in the south, and that would be unbearable. I set my thermostat to seventy-five, and I have a small fan on my desk, that is running constantly. It really does do a good job of complimenting my air conditioning.
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