How to prevent house fires with space heaters

Throughout the last few decades, space heaters have gotten a very bad reputation for being a huge cause of house fires among HVAC units and appliances in general. Though in the early stages, when there was little known about space heaters, there was definitely a huge risk of a house fire. The electric coils could be dangerous, and the safety features were non-existent. Nowadays, there are many safety features that have been added to help make space heaters safer for the average family. Many of the space heaters have special tip-over features that shut off the heater if the unit tips over while in use. Also, some space heaters can detect when any of their components overheat, and the space heater will shut off in those instances too. The quality of the parts on the space heaters has increased as HVAC companies realized that heaters require thicker cords to prevent fire. However, there are still some things that consumers can do to make space heaters even safer in their homes. First, customers should be aware of how much electricity a space heater needs. They should ensure that the plug for their space heater is a GFI, which will trip if it overheats. Also, you should avoid leaving the space heaters on high overnight, since the risk of fire is greater if used on high for a long time. Space heaters should never be placed in an area where something flammable is touching them or where somebody could trip over them. Finally, space heaters should never be left on when you are not home!



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