Dad gets his way

There doesn’t seem to be a very good explanation to me for why I get moved around the condo care about a dirty homeless guy.

Nobody wants myself and others around.

My kids suppose I’m only just an embarrassment. All I hear from them is get out of my way and go find anywhere else to be Dad. You’re ruining everthing and crumping our style or something to that effect. I’m not super sensitive myself, so I just shuffle off to anywhere else. And then the people I was with and I manage to get kicked out of there too. It’s recognizably awful when I want to get a good bit of a workout. I can’t find someplace permanent for our small pieces of exercise equipment. I keep going from room to room. The largest complaint I usually hear is that I turn the air conditioning system down too low to try to cool off just the room I’m finally working out in. I decided to take some major action plus put our Dad foot down a little bit. I have an office that gets consistently invaded by craft supplies or laundry or whatever. I moved all that kids stuff out plus I called the Heating plus A/C guy. He soon came out plus installed a mini split heating plus air plan in our little home office. It’s our office because it is the most uncomfortable room in the large house. It is set off a bit so doesn’t get good Heating plus A/C flow in that space. The mini split plan is perfect. Not only have I reclaimed our home office however I have put all our exercise stuff in there permanently for work outs. Now, I can set the temperature in our office any way I want. The little mini split unit is completely separate from the rest of the Heating plus A/C in the house. Now there’s no more getting shooed away for old Dad.

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