Rental House HVAC Woes

Actually owning a home has become a bit more tedious the older I get.

There just seems to be so many details to chase down.

I’m so tired of being the one who has to fix everything. Also, with the economy the way it is now, home ownership is not necessarily the financial windfall it has traditionally been. I have been fortunate in the past to be able to turn a bit of a profit from home sales. Now, that I have sold this last house and only broke even, it might be time to simply rent full time. The weight of home ownership has become to heavy. I like the idea that the next time the air conditioning goes out it won’t come out of my account. As it is, all I have to do is call the rental office to have them send out an HVAC tech to repair the cooling system. There is also a downside to the rental idea. The rental office doesn’t always move with the speed of concern. The apartment we currently occupy has an ancient heating and cooling system. It’s way overdue for an upgrade. I’ve pointed this out several time to the rental office but it appears to fall on deaf ears. The heat pump for our unit has less than a 10 SEER rating. It may even still be using R 22 refrigerant which is about to become illegal. I even reminded the rental office that 2020 marks the time where HVAC units are obsolete given the new laws. I have encouraged them to upgrade the heat pump now before the backlog makes doing so difficult for everyone. I love the freedom of renting a place to live but it does require a new type of patience that I’m not accustomed to.

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