Listen Up to HVAC Tech

I have seen this day approaching for years and years.

So, of course, I have done absolutely nothing about it.

Mere months from now there will be a ban on R 22 refrigerant. That’s right, on January 1, 2020 this type HVAC refrigerant will be illegal to produce in the United States. Given the impact on our global climate, I am all for it being banned. Chlorofluorocarbon reduction has made improvements in reducing the damage to our ozone layer. But, I’m going to have to replace a heat pump that has been going for just over twenty years. I made certain the HVAC unit was maintained properly by heating and cooling professionals year after year. It paid off in the longevity of the heat pump. However, it appears my trooper of a heat pump has outlived its effectiveness. Recently, I’ve been interviewing HVAC contractors and they all tell me to make the move now because the coming demand could force months of waiting. I’ve actually been considering moving away from the heat pump altogether. My house is fairly compact with an open floor plan. I’m considering investing in a multi split HVAC unit. This way I don’t have to worry about shoring up all the ducts in the house. And, the three air handlers I’ll be able to have more individualized comfort settings. The multi split system is certainly more expensive. Yet, the utility savings I will enjoy will more than make up for the difference in price. The more the rate of energy prices soar the more I’m willing to invest in HVAC equipment that will help me combat that cost.

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