It’s best to enjoy your sunroom all year

I don’t want to simply close it up for a whole 4 months of the year.

If you prefer the sun then maybe you should try living in the sunny South. You will get your fill of the enjoyable shining orb. However, if you are a rainy day type of person after that I would not command coming down here. The two of us moved here a number of years ago from up North. My partner as well as I both retired as well as moving South was basically always the plan. The winters just got to be too much to take on for us. The two of us found a small beach property with current Heating as well as A/C equipment as well as moved right in. Trust me, nice Heating as well as A/C equipment is imperative down here. There is no living through the summers without dependable A/C. The two of us both prefer the sun but have slowed down quite a bit in our later years. Getting out as well as doing things is not an everyday occurrence these days. So, both of us made the decision to build a sunroom. And that was a real masterstroke! The two of us started building the sunroom coming off of the peak of summer. It was 100 percent complete by the time the hot as well as cold temperatures were coming down a bit. The two of us easily enjoyed the Winter in the sunroom. It was glorious to be able to get all that fabulous sunshine by just walking through a little doorway. However, the heat will be coming back so both of us must figure out how to cool that room. I don’t want to simply close it up for a whole 4 months of the year. After some research, both of us went with current portable A/C equipment. These are unlike the old window equipment from years gone by. These units legitimately can be moved around as well as certainly vented through a window. Now, both of us can prefer our splendid sunroom throughout the entire year.

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