My roommate couldn’t stand not running the air conditioner on the highest setting

Living with a roommate can be a big help financially. When I first wanted to move out, I couldn’t afford a place of my own. Thankfully, I had a friend that also wanted to move out, but he didn’t have the money. Together, we were able to get our first apartment. We both paid our rent faithfully, worked through problems, and got along well. The only thing that we didn’t agree on was thermostat settings. Since I lived in the South, I always had the air conditioner running for our comfort. I didn’t pack many blankets at first. I figured that I could just adjust the air conditioner and sleep with a blanket and a sheet. However, my roommate kept the thermostat set to the coldest temperature possible. My first night there, I was absolutely freezing. I couldn’t sleep because of how cold it was. I told my roommate that if we kept the air conditioner on like this, it would drive up our electricity bill. He offered to pay 2/3s of the bill, and I had to purchase another blanket to stay warm in my room. The air conditioner made it very uncomfortable, so I purchased a heated sheet and heavy blankets. The only discomfort that I experienced was caused was when I had to get changed in the morning. However, we saved a ton of money during the winter. It got mildly cold here, and he never used the furnace, which saved us a ton of money during the winter. However, when I am able to get a house of my own, I will make sure to set my thermostat at a reasonable setting.

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