HVAC units and training for rough terrain

I am a huge workout fanatic! I believe that our culture has conditioned men to be weak and comfortable, and it is my life goal to change that philosophy in people.

  • I want to help create a generation that is tough.

I try to accomplish that goal through group workouts that push our bodies through difficult circumstances. I use equipment and methods of all types to do this, including my HVAC units. I use my thermostat to create an atmosphere of discomfort and struggle for my students. Did you know that working out while the furnace is running is actually beneficial for you? The heat will cause you to sweat more, which will burn more calories than if you were in an air-conditioned environment. The furnace will also help clear away any sicknesses that could be hindering you in your work. I also use the air conditioner for my classes. The thermostat for the air conditioner is always set to the lowest possible setting for our workouts. Though it is hard to work out when you are cold, it forces you to learn how to heat your body efficiently. The cold air provides the motivation needed to push yourself as hard as you can in hopes that you will grow warmer. It also forces you to stretch more, because the air conditioner makes your muscles stiff. Finally, dehumidifiers and humidifiers force your lungs to cope with different amounts of oxygen while training, helping your breathing to grow more efficient. I am willing to try anything with my HVAC units to help me to grow stronger!


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