Air conditioning and health complications

My mom has some severe health problems that limit her in what she can do.

From the time that I was very young, she was never able to work at a job.

She couldn’t dependably lift anything that was a bit heavy, and if she tried, it would lead to different pains and breaks that would put her in the hospital and out of a job. Because of my mother, we also had to adjust our HVAC units according to her needs over our preferences. My mom couldn’t handle the cold temperatures very well. The air conditioning would cause her skin to turn purple, and it would make her joints stiff and painful. To help her with this, we never used our air conditioner growing up. Though it was uncomfortable during the summertime, it was definitely possible. Many generations of humans have lived without air conditioning, and we could too. During the Winter, my mom would need the furnace to be set at a very high temperature. The thermostat would kick on constantly to get rid of any hint of cold weather. She also kept space heaters in her room to warm it up even more because she understood that the heat made us kids uncomfortable. The whole experience with the HVAC units and her health problems taught us to be aware of the needs of others. Some people have special needs, including HVAC settings, to help them to feel well. Who cares if the air conditioner or furnace make you uncomfortable? We should put the needs of others before our own.