Working without AC can actually be dangerous

When I first started working at my new job I was just happy to have a job.

As the weeks and days went on I realized that I was miserable because there was no AC.

I work in a kitchen where I am required to wear long sleeves and pants all day long, and doing so without an air conditioner is really taking a toll on me. Yesterday it was almost 100 degrees outside, and the kitchen was even hotter, but there is no thermostat so I couldn’t say for sure. I have asked my boss why there is no HVAC system in place but he has never really given me an answer. One of my coworkers almost fainted yesterday because she was so hot, and we had to put her in the dining room where there actually is AC. I think it’s kind of crazy how the dining room has a really nice AC unit but the kitchen workers have nothing at all. We don’t even have a portable AC unit! I am about to quit because I feel that it really is dangerous for me to put myself in these positions without proper AC, especially in the middle of the summer. When I go home I am always so happy to be in a nicely air conditioned room and I hug my AC unit! My roommates keep telling me that I need to quit my job, and I am pretty sure that I will after I find somewhere that actually provides a nice HVAC system!