I work in a furniture shop with no AC unit

If you have ever worked without AC, you know how painful it can be.

Sometimes it seems like it’s not that big of a deal to no have AC, but when you are in a job like mine it can make a huge difference.

I work in a furniture shop and there is no HVAC system at all. When it is winter it is extremely cold without a furnace and I have to bundle up. In the summer there is no air conditioner so I open all the windows and I usually bring a few fans in. Sometimes if I am lucky I can take my friends portable AC unit and bring it into the shop with me. I have asked my boss why he doesn’t have an HVAC system and he always says that it’s too expensive. I understand that it can be really expensive to get an HVAC technician to come in and look things over, but I also know that it’s not that bad. I would be much more productive and he would actually make a lot more money if we had a good HVAC system. I have tired to tell him that at home where I have a really nice AC unit I work about twice the speed! It’s been years without an HVAC system though, so I doubt he will ever come around. I have a friend that is an HVAC technician and he has an HVAC business down the street, he has even offered to install a window AC unit for free. The reason that my boss didn’t take that offer is that he says than he would have to pay an HVAC bill every month.

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