I use the AC in my car during the summer

During the summer it gets so hot where I live that I can’t even handle it.

Normally I just turn the AC unit it on, but the past few years have been so hot that my AC unit in the house can’t even handle it.

I have a pretty old HVAC system, and the windows are not insulated well so the AC unit doesn’t do much besides run the bill up. The past few weeks I will go in the car and use the AC inside my car, somehow my car has a better HVAC system than my house! My car is even older than my house but I guess it has a lot smaller of a space to cool down. My husband has told me that we should get our HVAC system in the house looked at but I keep putting it off because I know how expensive it will be. I understand why HVAC is so expensive but I really wish that it was cheaper. If it was cheaper I would have called an HVAC technician a long time ago. Now I just have to wait until I really can’t stand my air conditioner and see if the local HVAC business has any holiday specials. I figure the longer I wait the more bound I am to get a special deal on my HVAC system. I have a few friends that work in the heating and cooling field but they aren’t able to offer me any discounts. For now my car AC is just fine, plus it gets me out of the house.
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